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Underground house mounted with Bunker Ø500 filter and Trypower 0.75 hp pump.

Referencia: TRYENT500Y

Units per box: 1

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Product information

Underground shelter made of polyester laminated with fibreglass and white cover with external gel coat finish and hinges for easy and comfortable opening.

This shelter is equipped with the Bunker model laminated polyester filter and the Trypower model self-priming pump. It includes 5 outlets with ball valve, 1 outlet for the impulsion, 3 outlets for the suction and 1 outlet for the drainage.

Its design allows easy access to the selector valve and ball valves. In addition, it is highly weather resistant.

The external connections are with sleeves to be glued directly to Ø50 pipe.

There is the possibility of customising the house with an electrical panel, salt chlorinator, pH pump, filler tap, shower tap, hot water pre-installation, installation of a blower turbine, etc.

For these customisations, please consult Trypool.

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