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Vulcano Ø1400 Laminated Polyester Filter Ø1400 - Without Valve

Ref. No.: VULCA1400

Units per box: 1

Complete your order with: Trypower pumps, Electrical panels, Salt Chlorinators, 4-Valve Battery ó 5-Valve Battery

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Product information

Industrial filter for private or public pools made of laminated polyester reinforced with fibreglass and an outer layer of gel coat in red. In addition, the filter body gasket is reinforced with a triple layer of polyester to guarantee its durability, which is why we offer a 5-year guarantee on the filter body.

Prepared for installation with 4-valve Ø110mm battery or 5-valve Ø110mm battery.

The cover is reinforced with a double body and 8 screws, with a wide mouth to facilitate the loading of filtering material. The screws, fully cast in the filter body, are made of AISI 316L stainless steel and the nuts are made of brass, both products highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion even in high salinity conditions.

The base is made of high-strength ABS fixed to the filter body.

The collector arms and diffuser are of high quality and are made of durable PVC and PP plastic material.

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