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Domestic salt chlorinator model SMC 50 gr/h

Ref. No.: SMC50

Units per box: 1

Complete your order with Peristaltic pump for pH measurement and controlSalt test strip test kit .

Product information

The SMC domestic salt water chlorinator is very simple to operate and very reliable.

This chlorinator has a high performance watertight power supply with overload-proof electronic control and an enclosed housing without forced ventilation.

Its high-resolution LCD screen has a very agile menu system.

The cell connector is very easy to connect, as it is made of waterproof rubber, so that the electrical connection is quickly made without nuts. In addition, the cell terminals are easily interchangeable in case of breakage.

The cell is bipolar, with a 10,000 hour life and programmable polarity change. The cell glass is transparent for quick inspection.

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