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Single-phase self-priming pump model PSH ND.2-19 1 HP

Ref. No: ND2-19

Product information

The PSH ND.2-19 1 hp single-phase self-priming pump is the updated version of the ND.1.

The dimensions between the suction and discharge connections are fully respected, as well as the height dimensions, which makes the 100% interchangeable with the ND.1.

Self-priming up to 4 mWh, suitable for operation with salt chlorinators or seawater.

It is also available with energy-efficient three-phase motor type IE3 according to IEC 60034-30-1 standard.

Thermal protection included in the single-phase versions. Includes 1.5 m cable with Schuko plug in the single-phase versions.

Insulation class F and IP55 protection.

50 Hz motor at 2,900 rpm. Also available at 60 Hz. Especially suitable for pool cleaners and filtration equipment, with a maximum working temperature of 40ºC.

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