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Product information

PAR56 underwater lamp with RGB LED light crystal for switch.

This lamp is ideal for new pools or replacements. Its installation is very simple as it adapts to all niches on the market that use a PAR56 lamp. This lamp is compatible with all PAR56 lamps on the market.

To change colour, you simply need to make a quick power cut at the switch in your electrical panel.

Made of glass, we achieve greater heat dissipation, avoiding incidents due to overheating. In addition, thanks to its double silicone and resin sealing, we achieve absolute watertightness.

We also include terminals on the terminals for easy connection.

This PAR56 underwater lamp includes the high brightness SMD LED system, offering 35W of power and 4,100 lumens, the highest Lm/W on the market. Thanks to this system, you save up to 15 times more electricity than with a classic halogen lamp.

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