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Electrical panels

Optimise the Functionality of your Pool with our Electrical Panels

At Trypool, we offer a range of specialised electrical panels for swimming pools, designed to guarantee safe and efficient performance. With advanced options such as the Electric panel with piezoelectric control elecTRY for 2 hp pumpsinnovation is at your fingertips.

  • Total ControlOur electrical panels, such as the models elecTRY for 1 hp pumpsThe new, available with and without transformer, offer precise control of your swimming pool systems.
  • Quality and DurabilityWith components such as AISI 316L steel piezoelectric pushbuttons and aluminium, we ensure a long service life even under demanding outdoor conditions.

Explore our collection at Trypool and find the perfect electrical panel for your pool, combining advanced technology and reliability.

Key Features of Electrical Panels for Swimming Pools

Electrical panels for swimming pools are essential for controlling and managing various systems, including filtration, circulation, lighting and heating. Important features include short-circuit protection, switches for each piece of equipment, moisture resistance, and locking and locking mechanisms. These elements ensure the safety and efficiency of the electrical system in aquatic environments.

Professional Installation of Electrical Panels for Swimming Pools

The installation of a swimming pool electrical panel is a process that requires technical knowledge and must be carried out by qualified professionals. Essential elements include electrical junction boxes, switches, cables and cable conduits. Proper installation ensures the safety and proper functioning of the electrical panel.

Main Uses of Electrical Panels in Swimming Pools

Electrical panels in swimming pools control the filtration pump, heating systems and lights, among others. They allow automation and control of water temperature, pump speed and more, offering protection against overloads and short circuits for the safety of users.

Maintenance and Verification of the Functioning of Electrical Panels

To ensure that a swimming pool electrical panel is working properly, it is important to check wiring, inspect fuses, perform resistance tests and check switches and electrical contacts. An installation certificate signed by a professional electrician is essential.

Alternative and Advanced Solutions in Electrical Panels for Swimming Pools

Innovative alternatives to traditional electrical panels are available, such as smart controllers, solar panels, wireless technology and automatic switches. These solutions improve performance, reduce energy consumption and offer more efficient and safer control of pool systems.