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Cleaning materials

Keep your pool spotless with our Pool Cleaning Supplies

At Trypool, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of pool cleaning equipment, ensuring that your relaxation space stays clean and attractive. From automatic robots to manual cleaners, our selection covers all your needs.

With Trypool, you guarantee that your pool is always ready to enjoy - explore our range of cleaning equipment today!

Manual Pool Cleaners

Our wide selection of manual pool cleaners offers practical solutions for cleaning the bottom of your pool. With a variety of designs and models, these devices are perfect for pools with or without a filter system, allowing you to effectively vacuum the dirt. In addition, for those looking to automate cleaning, we have automatic pool cleaners available.

Leaf Collectors: Indispensable for Cleaning Pools

Discover our range of leaf removers, essential tools for removing leaves and other items from both the bottom and the surface of the pool. Leaf removers are classified into two types: surface and bottom, and usually include a telescopic handle to make cleaning easier.

Brushes for Effective Pool Cleaning

Our selection of brushes includes options for cleaning the bottom, walls and corners of the pool. These brushes are essential for removing stuck-on dirt and keeping your pool in top condition.

Cleaning Kits: Complete Solutions for your Pool

Find pool cleaning kits that include various maintenance and measuring accessories, such as brushes, leaf collectors, pool cleaners and thermometers. These kits offer a comprehensive solution for the care and maintenance of your pool.

Self-floating hoses: Key Elements in Pool Cleaning

Explore our range of self-floating hoses, made of polyethylene and available in different sizes and connection diameters. These hoses are essential for connecting cleaning devices such as pool cleaners to your filtration system.

Telescopic Handles and Poles for Efficient Cleaning

Our range of telescopic handles and poles, made from aluminium, are the ideal complement to your brushes and leaf collectors. These accessories make it easy to clean all areas of the pool, ensuring proper maintenance.